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Layla: The Festival of Mark Making - Mark II

2024 Colour Me-05 2000px.png

Exhibit 47


Xavier O'Connell

Victoria, Australia

Xavier is 18 years old. He loves animals, especially his border collie, Bandit who he is self training to be his assistance dog. Xavier is obsessed with cosplay and this artwork is inspired by his cosplay interests.



Story of the artwork

Husker is a character from the adult cartoon called hazbin hotel. This show inspired his latest cosplay outfit which was a piece of art in itself. The drawings are usually the starting point of deciding on his next cosplay outfit. This art took five days to make. Art is a challenge for Xave as he has continuous seizures that cause tremors in his hands, this is the reason he chooses digital art as an error caused by the tremors can be erased.

Xavier used technology (Procreate) to create his artwork

Creation of the artwork

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