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Layla: The Festival of Mark Making - Mark II

2024 Colour Me-05 2000px.png

Exhibit 09


Emma Johnston

Massachusetts, United States

Emma is a 20 year old passionate young lady who appreciates art and the theatre. She spends her free time coloring, creating artwork, listening to music and spending time with her family, especially her two little nephews. She is an expert on everything Disney and is currently booking her second trip coming up this year. Emma has had medical challenges since she was 7 weeks old and was finally diagnosed with SCN8A when she was 13. She meets every challenge head on and is an inspiration to her family and friends.


Sunset of Freedom

Story of the artwork

Emma does not like to have "Blank Space" on her artwork - she believes the more color she can use, the more vibrant her artwork is.

Emma completed this artwork independently.

Creation of the artwork

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