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Layla: The Festival of Mark Making - Mark II

2024 Colour Me-05 2000px.png

Exhibit 10


Liam Kooistra

Michigan, United States

I am Liam. I have SCN8A. I was born having seizures. I also was having them before I was born. I love to be sang to. I love to go for rides in my wheelchair van. I love to be kissed and cuddled. I really love to chew on my rattle. One of my favorite things is when daddy carries me all the way upstairs to my bed at bedtime. Mommy says my smile is like sunshine. ☀️


My little hands

Story of the artwork

My little hands is how I paint. For I have no coordination to hold anything. I smiled as I felt the paint on my hands because they are my eyes because I cannot see. SCN8A has also taken that from me. Please enjoy my mark because it was made with love. A little boy named Liam and mommy’s helping hands.

Liam completed this artwork collaboratively with his Mommy

Creation of the artwork

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