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Layla: The Festival of Mark Making - Mark II

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Exhibit 49


Yuna Tanaka

Tokyo, Japan

Yuna Tanaka is 15 and the caring sister of Emma 10 who has SCN8A. Yuna herself has Down's Syndrome.


Omurice with sauce marks

Story of the artwork

Holiday humour and my morning routine! Got some super fresh komatsuna (Leafy green vegetable) from the neighborhood farmer!
And 100 seconds → Heard the sound of the river I love → Even though I was on a swing, I forgot to take a picture
I made an omelette for my sister after returning home...
Ran out of supplies so shopping at seven pm (alone)
It took two hours to make a delicious omurice with sauce marks.

Yuna completed this artwork in collaboration with her mother, Kayo

Creation of the artwork

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