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Layla: The Festival of Mark Making - Mark II

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Exhibit 51


Deniz Edson

New South Wales, Australia

Deniz is 3 and has SCN8A Epilepsy and ASD Level 3. He is still learning to walk and talk but hopefully will be there soon! Deniz absolutely loves to paint and finds great joy in making marks. Deniz attends playgroups and preschool and in between has OT, Speech and Physio. Deniz is such a beautiful little boy who doesn't let his disability stop him. He shines so bright wherever he is. You will notice him.


Mother's Day

Story of the artwork

Deniz painted this artwork himself and preschool for Mother's Day. It is the 1st piece of artwork sent home to us. I just know how much joy this would have brought him to do.

Deniz completed this artwork independently.

Creation of the artwork

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