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Layla: The Festival of Mark Making - Mark II

16-22 September 2024    •    Sydney, Australia

2024 Colour Me-05 2000px.png

Welcome to the Festival

In memoriam of what would be Layla's 2nd birthday, we are further enabling her voice with an exhibition of mark making works from SCN8A heroes around the world.

The Invitation

Dear Heroes-01 1000px.png

We invite you to exhibit your marks in this special exhibition. Your family can exhibit too if they like, after all, they are heroes too.


Some of you may be even making marks in remembrance of an SCN8A hero who has passed on. 

The questions below may help you imagine what your mark making could be about.


What are your favourite colours?

Why are they your favourite colours?

Where do you see these colours?

What do you wear that are in these colours?

We can't wait to see your mark!

Dear Heroes-01 1000px.png
2024 Colour Me-05 2000px.png
About Mark Making Enjoy-02 1100px.png

  • Experience something that you love like hugs, music, the smell of a flower, or the feel of a soft pillow.

  • Take that feeling and with some help, make marks in any way you like (you may have to record them with a photo).

Link to Mark Making Process Card-01 1000px.png
The Entry Process-02 1000px.png

  • Please keep the size of your artwork to A3 , Ledger/Tablet or smaller.

    A3 paper                   29.7 x 42 cm or smaller

    Ledger/Tablet       11 x 17  inch  or smaller


  • All entries must fill in the form below as well to formally enter your artwork.

  • Post the hard copy of your artwork with your name on the back if you can (even if it's a photo).

  • If we receive your artwork, we can match it to your entry form.

    Postal Address


    SCN8A Australia

    PO Box  234
    Sylvania Southgate NSW
    Australia 2224

  • Congratulations. You have now entered Layla: The Festival of Mark Making (Mark II)

    Further Information

    If you have any questions please email and he will get back to you ASAP.

Entry Form-03 1000px.png

Thank you for entering. We will look out for your artwork in the mail, otherwise we will exhibit what you uploaded with honour and joy.

How was the artwork made?
Please provide name of the technology used
With support but not done by another
Completed together by two or more people
Upload Artwork
Upload Artist's Photo

Thank you for entering Layla: The Festival of Mark Making 2024 (Mark II)

The exhibition will be housed at The Nest Creative Space in Sydney on 16-22 September 2024.

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