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The Process of Mark Making

1 - Sparking the senses

If you want someone to make sense of the world, you need to use the senses.

Costa Loucopoulos

Layla was given enrichment experiences that were part of her educational program. They were themed and included a range of sensory experiences that gave her joy and pleasure. These experiences were the pre-contemplative stage of her mark making, setting up her dispositions for curiosity, focus and teamwork to eventually use those skills so that her mark making was of value to her, as an expression of the joy that came from the experience.

Sue Orlovich, Early Childhood Educator mark making with Layla.

Inspirations to spark your artist's senses

The images below have been chosen to inspire you with ideas that spark the senses for young artists about to do some mark making. Touching, feeling, rubbing, ripping, smelling, soaking, listening, uttering...

2 - Mark Making

When we make art, we make marks.

Mark making communicates our thoughts, feelings and interactions. When we interact with the world, marks are made. When the world interacts with us, marks are made.

Making marks can start with just touch.

Georgia Freebody

Enjoy any process you choose


The Inspiration images above were taken during a Therapeutic Art Play (TAP) artist in residency program and feature the artwork of children. The TAP program is facilitated by Georgia Freebody, on and with Wangal land that was never ceded, while acknowledging and attuning to the lived experience, expressions, and creative acuity of young artists.

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