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Layla: The Festival of Mark Making - Mark II

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Stella Craig

Missouri, United States

Stella Craig, born in 2015, confronts SCN8A daily with unwavering determination. Despite facing profound physical and intellectual disabilities, she embodies a spirit that is sweet, sassy, and fiercely resilient. Stella's ability to spread joy through her infectious smiles and giggles illuminates our world, infusing us with renewed hope and strength.

Exhibit 64


Adapted Beauty

Story of the artwork

"Adapted Beauty" is a vibrant and expressive piece created by Stella, an 8-year-old with profound physical and intellectual disabilities. Despite experiencing significant hip pain, Stella found solace and comfort while laying on her belly, allowing her creativity to flourish. With the loving support of her nurse, Amber, Stella used this adapted position to explore a world of color and imagination. The title "Adapted Beauty" encapsulates the essence of Stella's experience: transforming a challenging situation into a beautiful expression of her unique perspective and indomitable spirit. This artwork serves as a testament to the power of adaptation and the limitless potential of creativity, regardless of the obstacles faced.

Stella collaborated and inter-acted with her mum, Kacie to complete this artwork.

Creation of the artwork

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