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Layla: The Festival of Mark Making - Mark II

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Layla Al-Badri Loucopoulos

New South Wales, Australia and Alberta, Canada

Layla had eyes that held galaxies and all time. They stole you from yourself and gave you eternity as a gift of gratitude. She was a messenger of love and power, reminding us that her soul was here to transform us to another, better version, of ourselves.
She drove us to act in ways that enabled her voice and her quality of life when she was alive. Now that she has passed away, we are committed to the enabling of her voice and empowering the voiceless in her honour.

Exhibit 58


Layla's Butterfly

Story of the artwork

Layla made a foot print on one of her long stays at Sydney Childrens' Hospital. It became a powerful image that she recognised and would smile well after the event. The artist Sergio Regetalli later made iterations of this image to create a glass artwork for her resting place. The artwork two sculptures of glass representing Layla's original mark making print.

This artwork was a collaboration between Layla, Costa and Ghaith, and Sergio Regetalli.

Creation of the artwork

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