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Layla: The Festival of Mark Making - Mark II

2024 Colour Me-05 2000px.png

Exhibit 55


Henry Youngquist

Ohio, United States

Henry is a happy, joyful four year old boy who loves listening to music, playing with his cube toys, and being pushed in his jogging stroller by his dad, Tyler. He especially loves when his dad runs really fast!

Henry has SCN8A-related epilepsy. Henry does not talk, can walk short distances, and uses his wheelchair or jogging stroller to explore his community. He loves playing at Mugrage Park in Medina, Ohio and going to adaptive storytime at the Brunswick Library in Brunswick, Ohio.



Story of the artwork

Henry attends preschool at Helping Hands Preschool in Medina, Ohio. At preschool, with the help of his teachers Mrs. Good and Mr. B, Henry created this artwork with paint. He made this artwork with spring colors when he was learning about the seasons and weather with all of his friends at school. We are so lucky to have Mr. B and Mrs. Good in Henry's life! They are so patient and kind, and they help him learn and experience things alongside his friends at school.

Henry completed this artwork in collaboration with his pre-school teachers, Mrs Good and Mr B Henry.

Creation of the artwork

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