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Layla: The Festival of Mark Making - Mark II

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Exhibit 56


Charlie Youngquist

Ohio, United States

Charlie is a caring and happy one year old. He loves dancing to "Wheels on the bus" and picking dandelions for his parents and teachers. He is the little brother of Henry, who has SCN8A-related epilepsy. Charlie loves to sit by Henry in Henry's favorite chair, and he gives Henry the biggest hugs.


Art Smart

Story of the artwork

Charlie loves going to daycare at The Smucker Child Development Center. His teachers, Ms. Jody and Ms. Emily, help Charlie explore and learn about the world around him.

For this artwork, Charlie picked his colors, dipped balls in paint, and smeared and rolled the balls over his paper. Charlie was very proud of his artwork when he showed it to us after daycare.

Charlie inter-acted with his daycare teachers, Ms Jody and Ms Emily, to complete this artwork.

Creation of the artwork

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