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Layla: The Festival of Mark Making - Mark II

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Bella Myjak

Washington, United States

Bella was diagnosed with an unspecified developmental delay at 18 months after not walking until 18.5 months. She attended developmental preschool and then struggled in a general education environment. At age 7, she re-entered a smaller classroom, with more support. Early on, the developmental doctor dissuaded us from pursuing genetic testing. At age 9, Bella was diagnosed with SCN8A. Currently, age 12, she does best with structure and routine. Bella is creative and strong willed. She does best when she can lead and give her input.

Exhibit 62


Fourth of July

Story of the artwork

We reached out to Bella's elementary school Art teacher, Mrs. Christian Conners, White Bluffs Elementary (Richland, WA, USA). She dedicated an afternoon of creating some art together. Bella led her creative vision, while Mrs. Conners helped facilitate. Bella created a couple of art pieces.
She melted crayons. She grabbed primary colors and painted. After it dried, she dabbed her art with a firecracker, creating a unique design.

Bella inter-acted with her art teacher, Mrs Christian Conners to create this artwork.

Creation of the artwork

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