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Layla: The Festival of Mark Making - Mark II

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Amadeusz Jakubiec

London, United Kingdom

Amadeusz is a very well recognised young man in the SCN8A community. His SCN8A mutation was the same as Layla's, and the families shared regularly. Anna, his mother cooked the best quality meals for him even though he couldn't taste them. She would soak his feet and play babbling brooks on her iPad, or just sit and draw with him. She is an exceptional artist that inspires us all.
Together, they made marks - and in so doing made a mark in all our hearts.

Exhibit 63


Amadeusz's World

Story of the artwork

Amadeusz created this piece at school using his eyes and the Eye-Gaze tablet - with the help and encouragement from his 1:1 nurse, Frances.

Amadeusz was assisted by his nurse, Frances, using technology to complete this artwork.

Creation of the artwork

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